Why Christina Applegate Makes 1st Public Appearance Since Sclerosis Diagnosis?

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She is persevering. Christina Applegate accepted her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in front of the public for the first time since disclosing her multiple sclerosis diagnosis.

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The 50-year-old celebrity was present at the Los Angeles ceremony on Monday, November 14. Previously Married Before Liz Feldman, the creator of Dead to Me, and Linda Cardellini, the star of that show, recognised the actress, With Children co-stars Katey Sagal and David Faustino spoke as guests and praised the actress.

Sagal, 68, emphasised Applegate’s advantages. “You flex but do not fracture. All of us can bend with you because of your humility and irreverence, the Sons of Anarchy alum stated.

On set, Feldman, 45, referred to her as a “lioness” for constantly watching out for her coworkers. Cardellini, 47, said she agreed to be a part of their popular Netflix series because Applegate was involved.

“At the time, I was unaware that I was going to make a lifelong friend. She exclaimed, remembering how the California native had helped her through difficult times, “Christina is a wonderful person, inside and out. Applegate is a “ferociously loyal, honest, and kind buddy” who will “always make you laugh,” according to the ER alum.

It was proclaimed Christina Applegate Day in Hollywood and the City of Los Angeles gave Applegate a plaque in appreciation.

Sagal and a cane helped Applegate, who was barefoot, get to the platform. The honoree joked, “It’s like Katey to, like, steal the thunder,” assuring the crowd that she needed her buddy by her side.

Before addressing her family and agent, she stated, “I can’t stand for too long, so I’m going to thank the people that I truly need to thank.”

She commended her 11-year-old daughter Sadie, whom she and her husband Martyn LeNoble share. “My daughter is the most significant person in the world. You are so much more than you are even aware of. I am grateful for you every day, the honoree exclaimed.

When Applegate realised she hadn’t mentioned her MS diagnosis during her address, she quickly cracked a joke. Oh, I have an illness, by the way. Did you miss it? I don’t even have shoes on. You should be amused by it, she said.

Mom Nancy Priddy and BFF Selma Blair were there at the Walk of Fame event.

On October 27, Applegate made a social media hints that she was planning a special event.


Along with a picture of four walking sticks, Applegate wrote, “I have a very significant event coming. “This will be my first outing since receiving an MS diagnosis. I now consider using walking sticks to be normal. I appreciate @neowalksticks for these lovely items. Watch to see which ones get chosen for a week of content.

A few months after receiving her MS diagnosis, the Dead to Me star revealed to the public how she was coping in August 2021.

“Hello, pals. I was given an MS diagnosis a few months ago,” Applegate stated at the time on Twitter. It has been an odd voyage. But the people I know who also have this problem have been very encouraging to me. The road has not been easy. But as we are all aware, the journey continues. Unless a jerk obstructs it.

The actress said, “We wake up and take the indicated action, as one of my friends with MS said. And I carry out that. I now request your privacy. As I work my way through this. Many thanks, xo

Applegate has previously been very candid about her various health issues, including her fight against breast cancer in 2008. After receiving a positive BRCA gene test at age 36, she underwent a double mastectomy. In 2017, she underwent preventive surgery to remove her ovaries and fallopian tubes.

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The Emmy winner at the time said on the Today show that cancer is quite likely to develop in a person who has BRCA positivity. The first step is to exercise extreme caution when it comes to the type of food you put into your body. Stress is another significant killer. To say that to someone, especially now, is difficult. We’re in an odd time right now. Draw in more air. For me, that’s a major one. In the past, I used to be anxious. I’m no longer. I try to see the silver lining in everything.

Following her breast cancer diagnosis, the Bad Moms actor became actively involved in charitable activities. She even established her own foundation, Right Action, in October 2009.

It will offer financial assistance to high-risk women who desire MRIs. Women are choosing not to have this test because it costs $5,000 if you don’t have insurance, which millions of Americans do not, Applegate previously told Us Weekly. I wish to repay it in that regard because it saved my life.

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Jack Osbourne, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, and Selma Blair have also spoken openly about their experiences with MS, along with the Samantha Who? alum. Last year, when Applegate revealed her diagnosis, Blair, 50, provided encouragement.

“Always loving you. The actor from Brown’s Requiem at the time tweeted, “Always here. “Our kids are also. lovingly beating us.”

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