Kevin Costner Claims Ex Charged Car, Cash Advances On His Employees Credit Cards

Kevin Costner asserts that his estranged wife Christine Baumgartner improperly charged his employees’ credit cards for a variety of expensive personal items, including a car, cash advances, and legal fees.

In archives got by Us Week after week on Friday, July 14, Costner, 68, claims that Baumgartner, 49, “charged extra lawyer’s expenses to the workplace of Susan Wiesner on the Mastercard of a worker which is customarily utilized for Costner family house charges and paid by Respondent” after she “recorded her RFO for lawyers’ expenses and expenses.” Additionally, according to the documents, Baumgartner has been “taking cash advances” without his “knowledge or consent” on a number of credit cards “issued not to her but to staff members.”

Kevin Costner Claims Ex Charged Car, Cash Advances On His Employees’ Credit Cards

Additionally, Costner asserts that Baumgartner recently “bought an expensive vehicle of personal use” despite the fact that the couple “had always leased their automobiles.” The Yellowstone actor cites the purchase, which took place prior to their separation in April, as evidence that Baumgartner “had been planning her exit long before” she disclosed her intentions to divorce Costner. The pair’s early understanding states that Baumgartner is qualified for keep her own vehicle in case of a separation, per Costner’s lawyers.

Us affirmed in May that Baumgartner had petitioned for legal separation from Costner, refering to hostile contrasts and posting their date of partition as April 11. The pair share kids Cayden, 16, Hayes, 14, and Effortlessness, 13.

Costner and Baumgartner got into a messy legal battle after their breakup over the former model’s attempts to stay in their home with their children. Baumgartner contended in her documenting that she didn’t have the assets to move out of their home. In any case, an adjudicator decided that she needs to leave the common home toward July’s end.

While Baumgartner at first requested $248,000 each month in kid backing to keep bringing the children up in the way of life they’re familiar with, Costner claimed in court records acquired by Us last month that he was unable to bear the cost of the predetermined sum since he “will procure considerably less in 2023” when Yellowstone reaches a conclusion.

Costner will pay Baumgartner $129,755 per month in child support, a judge decided on July 11. In addition, he owes $100,000 in forensic costs and $200,000 in legal fees. While Costner was not in court for the decision due to a preplanned outing to English Columbia with the two or three’s children, Costner’s lawyer tended to the common guardianship understanding between the duo, saying, “The youngsters are teens and may travel every which way between his home and Christine’s home once she tracks down another home.

A source recently informed Us that things could continue to become increasingly contentious for the couple despite the fact that the matter of child support has been resolved. The insider said at the time, “Christine wanted this split, so she should abide by the terms of their prenup [stating that she] had 30 days to move out after filing for divorce. For Kevin, it’s pretty cut-and-dried.” This may result in a tense court battle. Kevin is a man of deep conviction and unwavering determination.

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